Please note, this feature is only available to Directors or users designated as Testers in their AMP account settings page.  

Visit "Track Performance" on your left navigation menu.  In the page that opens, click the "Add New Performance Tracking Form" button:

Under the Advance Settings link you will find the option to indicate that the test requires athletes to fill out a pre-test questionnaire. Read about pre-test questionnaires . If you have a test protocol you want attached to the test, select it from the drop down menu. Read about creating Test Protocols.

All of the descriptions of or specific instructions about the test elements will be in the Test Protocol. In the Test Builder screen you will be adding test elements, which are going to be the column headings for the results of the tests. Currently all of the results have to be numbers. You will not be able to record qualitative data in the test results but can add these non-numerical entries as comments on the test once it has been saved. If you need to record qualitative data, you can also record it in the associated Test Protocol.