The Training Center is where users can design workouts and then schedule them for athletes. Navigate to the Training Center from the black menu bar. 

When you navigate to the Training Center, you will be taken to the Workouts page. This is where all the workouts  you (or someone else) already made will be listed. 

A quick note about Activities: The building blocks of Workouts are Activities (aka exercises). If you want to build a workout, it's best practice to first make sure you (or someone) has already entered the Activities (aka exercises) that will constitute the workout. If you have time, you can Search for the Activities you will be using. You can also Add New Activities as needed.  But don't worry too much about if the Activity already exists or not.  We let you search for and add new activities directly from the workout creation screen as well!

Now it's time to build a workout! Return to the Workouts tab or click on the Training Center button again. Look for the "Add New Workout" button on the right of the page. 

Once on your New Workouts page, complete the Summary (aka Title), Notes (aka Description), and Tags as needed.  Now comes the fun part.

To create a new workout simply add the Activities below you want to include in your new workout with the (+) symbols.   You can also remove any Activity with the (x) symbol.  You even add your own custom Activities on the same screen by creating a New Activity below and using the (+) symbol to add it to your workout. You can also use the "Show filters" button to search for existing Activities before creating a new one.

Now determine if you will be scheduling this workout Now or Later and click Save.  Selecting "Later" will save your new workout into your Training Center. Selecting "Now" will open up the scheduling screen to assign this workout to your athletes and/or their team.