Sharing files on the AMP Platform is simple. To share content click on the share tab found in the main left hand menu. 


As you can see from the photo above you can share customized reports like an athletes daily training journal, a calendarfileimage, linktopic, and video to name a few commonly shared items.


  1. Select the appropriate share item.  In this case we are going to share a file
  2. Click on the file tab from the share menu this opens up a dialogue page where you can enter in details to describe the file.

3. Give the file a title to display in the AMP platform. 

4. Add a short description for users to identify the file. 

5. Choose the file to upload.  Note you can also drop and drag a file over to the choose file button. 

6. If you would like to feature specific athletes you can add their names in the upper right hand menu. Just start typing their name and click on their name when they appear.


7. Adding skills can be completed by clicking on the red skills text.  Adding skills increases the number of ways a file can be found using search. 


8. To make your file visible in the education center click on the red highlighted Education tab. Find available tags by typing the tag's name and then selecting from the dropdown menu OR just use the down arrow on your keyboard to see all available tags as shown below.

NOTE: Files tagged to the educational resources center will automatically be viewable by everyone on the platform. 

9. The last step before saving is to choose your audience


You can share with no one and this saves a copy of the file attached to your own profile and shares it with no one. 

Other sharing options include: 

*Everyone in your AMP Platform
*Staff only
*A specific group of people (teams, roles, disciplines)
*Specific individuals; to share with specific individuals you can enter their name in the text box. 

The final step needed to share a file is to save the file.  In this step you can also check off the box that notifies individuals by email that you shared a file. 

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