Please use the following tutorial to show you how to download and install the AMP Coach app for your iPhone and iPad only. Then, we will show you how to capture video using the app.

Please note: You must already have an active iTunes account in order to access the iTunes Store.

  1. Download AMP Coach from the iTunes Store:

  2. Launch iTunes and from the search results, select AMP Coach (blue) for either your iPhone or iPad device.

In the next section, we’ll show you how to use the AMP Coach app to capture and then Share the video within your organization.

3. Launch the “AMP Coach” app from your device. In this case, I’ve used the iPad version of the app to demonstrate these steps. When the app launches, you will need to add your AMP Sport website and your current username and password. Once this info has been added, please click “Login”

4. Below is the default view of the AMP Coach app once you have logged in. All of your athletes will appear on the left hand side of the screen.

5. Please click the “Share (+)” button located near the bottom left side, then click “Video”, and then finally choose between taking a video now with your device or selecting an existing video on your device.

6. Once you have taken a video or selected an existing video, please click “Use Video” (image not shown).

Now that you’re video has been uploaded into the AMP Coach, please tag athletes, and add a title and description as needed. Once complete, please click the “Share” button to upload the selected video into your AMP Sport website and share with others within your organization.

Please note: You can also download these steps to your computer by clicking the attached PDF.