AMPSPORT makes it easy to create a multimedia "Resourse Center" for your organization.  Every time a user uploads content, they can tag it under one of the education categories your organization has defined to automatically add it to your Resource center.

Watch a video to learn more or keep reading.

If you are a Director, get started by selecting "Site Setup" from the drop down menu under your name in the upper right hand corner of the AMPSport page, and choose "Education Categories." 

In the dialogue box, enter the categories you want to appear in the Resource Center. 

When you share content, these categories will appear in the right hand menu. 

Simply tag the content with the category you would like it to appear under. (If you don't want the content  to appear in the resource center, then do not select any boxes.)

Members of your organization can quickly access and browse this content at any time by clicking on the "Resource" tab in the left navigation menu bar.