The AMP evaluation system uses a 1-5 scale to rate and track an athletes performance. You can use this skill to track anything from fitness level, to psychological state, or skill in a particular discipline. 

To create evaluation templates, click "Evaluations" from the navigation bar at the top of the screen. Select the "Create New Evaluation Form" button from the bottom of the page:

First, select a form title. For the title, you would probably choose a relatively broad category like "Strength." You can also select the skills that this evaluation covers.

Next, create tabs which will break up the category even further. With our Strength example, we might create tabs for Arms, Legs and Torso. Then, create rows for different evaluation criteria. Continuing with the strength example, the Arms row might consist of items like Bicep, Tricep, Forearm, Grip.

You can also add descriptions to further define each point value to make it easier for members of your organization to help standardize evaluation scoring.