Do you have a Google calendar you would like to share? If so, please follow the steps below to share your Google calendar.

Please note that you can only share a Google calendar, iCal and Outlook calendars do not work.  

Before you get started make sure that your Google calendar is set to be view publicly.  

To ensure that your Google calendar settings are set to public, navigate to your 

Google calendar "Share this Calendar" and settings menu, select make this calendar public. 

Back in your AMP Platform, click on the share tab in the main left hand menu and select calendar


This will open the following screen to Add a calendarStart by adding a title and description


Navigating down the page you will see the red highlighted text "click here" to retrieve your Google calendars. Click on that link to  give AMP permission to link to your Google calendars by clicking on accept as seen below.


After this step has been completed you can click on the red highlighted text to "show your Google calendars".  Select the correct calendar from the list to link to your AMP profile and the URL will automatically populate. 


Choose the individuals you would like to share your calendar with; it can be your entire team in the case of a team calendar. You can also choose to not share your calendar and this will link your calendar to your calendar in your AMP profile only


After your selections are complete, remember to click on share to complete the process. 

If you have any trouble with adding your Google calendar, some general troubleshooting steps are below:

Adjusting your Google Calendar settings for sharing on AMP:
If you don't already have one, make a team or personal calendar at This is the calendar you will update. The changes you make to this calendar will be automatically pushed to your AMPSport calendar. 

Did you get an error message with the above steps? It's probably because you have to set your calendar to "public". Go to your google calendar ( 

To the upper right of your calendar will be a little gear:

It will offer you a drop down menu. Select "Settings."

Once in Calendar Settings, select the "Calendars" tab:

You will now see a list of the calendars you have either made, or have access to.

Select whatever phase appears in the SHARING column for the calendar you want to share. It might say 

"Shared: Edit settings," or else it will say, "Share this calendar."

On the following page, select "Make this calendar public":

Hit "Save."

Once you save that change, go back to AMPSport and try to add the calendar again. If your page is still open from before, try just hitting "enter" again.