The first step for many AMPSport activities will be navigating to some user's Profile Page.  We will describe each of the different ways this can be done.

1. The quickest way is via the My Athlete carousel above your profile picture: 

2. Alternatively, you can also use the search box to find your athlete. Type in the name of the athlete you are looking for and the results will appear in the drop down menu.  In this picture I searched for "Test Athlete" but only had to type "Test" before AMP found who I was looking for.  Just scroll down to the athlete you want and click enter or click their name with your mouse.  This will bring you to the athlete's profile page . 

3. One more way to locate your athletes if you are a Coach or Director is to use the Roster tab from the left side navigation menu.  

By default, your first view will be a list of your organization's teams.

Click on any team name to expand and you will see a list of athletes assigned to that team. Select the athlete or coach whose profile you'd like to visit by clicking their name. 

3B.  If you select the red "By Athlete" tab on the top right of the Roster page, a list of all of your athletes and their associated coaches will appear. You can select the user you want from these lists as well.