For a video on sharing content visit How do I share content?

Suppose you have a video that is hosted on Youtube that you want to share with other users of AMPSport.

Step 1. Click on the Share tab in the upper left hand corner of AMPSport and select Video from the drop down menu:

Step 2. Next paste the link to the youtube video you want to share into the URL field.  Please note: You must use the URL from the address bar. Click here to learn how to find your URL.  

Example of correct YouTube URL that will play on AMP:

Example of incorrect YouTube URL that will NOT play on AMP:

Step 3. Enter a title for the video in the Title field, and write a Description:

Step 4. Tag the video as needed with any featured Athletes, Education topics, or Discipline/Skill tags with the box on the right:

Step 5. Decide who to share with and then click the Share button. Help navigating the sharing options is here

Here I have selected the default, "Everyone." This means that once I press a note about this video will show up in the news feed of everyone in your organization:

If you don't want to share with Everyone, select "A specific group of people..." (the last item on the list) and choose from the drop down menu that will appear.

If you have already shared an item, and you want to change who you shared it with, search for the Title of the shared item in the search box, then click the correct item from the results to open it up for viewing.  From there you may click the "Sharing" tab from the list of red tabs above the Title to edit which recipient can see your video.