Start by navigating to the user's profile page.

Next, click on the small blue Settings icon below the user's profile picture: Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 1.26.15 PM.png

Change a user's AMP password

You have two options for resetting the password:

(1) Have AMPSport send the user an email, and let the user reset his or her own password. To do this click the "Reset user password" button.

(2) Reset the user's password yourself, without AMPSport sending the user an email. Use this if the user doesn't have an email address, or if the user isn't receiving emails from AMPSport properly. To do this click on the red highlighted words "you can manually change the user's password."

Change a user's AMP role

To change the user's Role, use the Role button and select the appropriate role from the drop down menu.  Then click the "Change user's role" button to make the change.

Deactivating users (ex: last season's athletes)

Deactivating users is a great option for former season athletes and coaches whose information (test results, evaluations, wellness reporting, completed workouts, etc.) is still needed for review later.  The player is blocked from accessing AMP Sport or resetting their password.  If the player rejoins the team at a later date all of their previous data will remain available on the site.  Use the "Disable access for this user" button.

Deleting a user (gone for good)

When it's time to say goodbye and no previous data is needed to be kept by your organization, then the "Delete this user" button will remove all of the user's data and access to the site.  If the user is re-added at a later date, they will need to be set up as a new user.