If you are looking at a Wellness report and you see red circles around the entries on a certain day, it is because on that date an alert was generated. 

There are currently three ways an alert can be generated:

1. Your athlete can request you contact him or her when completing the wellness form. There are three types of request: medical (feeling sick, muscle soreness, unusual periods), training (having to do with duration or quality of sleep or level of fatigue) or psychological (having to do with mood, stress level and motivation).

2. Your athlete can answer "Yes" when asked "Are you feeling sick?"

3. If your athlete's heart rate is more than 10bpm different from his or her average heart rate.

No matter what the reason for the alert, the circles will look the same. The above athlete answered "Yes" when asked "Are you feeling sick?" on June 5, 6, 8, 10,and 14th, but then requested a psychological consult on June 21st. The last circle looks different because it is highlighted. If you click on the red circle, the reason for the alert will show up on the right of the page, under the summary of stats, as shown in the above image.