The iphone app is for recording Wellness entries, therefore, it is only for athletes. Download from the App Store here or search for "AMP Athlete" in the App Store from your iphone. 

Once you download the app, you will sign in using your athlete id and password. What is my athlete id? 

The first screen of the app is reproduced, with comments, below.

There will be two more screens like this, they will ask you questions related to your amount and quality of sleep, and your psychological state (mood, stress level, motivation). At the bottom of each screen will be the option to solicit contact. Also at the bottom left of each screen will be an icon for viewing summaries of your previous entries (the calendar picture).

You can submit more than one entry per day, but you can't really edit your entries. If you submit more than one entry a day, and enter comments both times, only the last comment you entered will be saved, the rest will be erased.